Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Timorous Beasties Shop Visit.

In London I went to see the Timorous Beasties shop where I met Kate, who is the manager for all things beastie! She takes care of the shop and you can book appointments to have a look round if you’re interested in getting yourself some fine wall art or fabric! She told us about the guys behind it and how they began by meeting at university. She said how one of there main interests is insects which is great to hear for me because it is one of my big inspirations for my own work and is one of the main reason I found Timorous Beasties work so early on in my design education. Kate talked about the processes of printing and how every batch is unique when ordering a wall covering or fabric from any of the ranges that are handmade in their printing studio. They also do digital too which is understandable considering the expectedly high demand of some of the designs but I think its great that they are still making the hand made designs too!

Kate showed me one of there newest designs, which is the New York toile, which followed from the great success of the other toiles which include London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, which I am very familiar with! One of the reasons they are so successful is because when they designed the first toile wallpaper there was a gap in the market for anything that was a bit ‘risky’ considering the toile included imagery of drugs, prostitution and other taboo subjects.

All my favorite designs of theirs included insects; I spotted a postcard with the Napoleon Bee print and had to have it! There was a large dark green velvet pillow with just a single bee on it, which I swooned over several times.

Cushion. (100% better looking in real life!)

I got to see so many of their collections and for me it was very overwhelming and I could have spent the whole day staring the walls.

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