Thursday, 25 April 2013


Thingsorganizedneatly is a tumblr blog made by Austin Radcliffe. It includes photographs of all types of objects that have either been neatly arranged by the creator of the image, or sometimes just by nature. I find the images aesthetically pleasing and have, in the past, spent hours on end scrolling thought the images on the site. A popular submission image is everything on one person’s desk or everything in a persons bag neatly organized on a surface, I think they make for really interesting images because I think it can be personal and I feel like you can figure out aspects of there personally by there possessions. Other images can simply be just a few inanimate objects in a row, which I find equally as pleasing. I feel like there is a wide range of images on the blog that can be of interest to all kinds of creative people as there is also images of machines or mechanical objects that have been taken apart so you can see every element that is it made from; too images that have been taken in nature that naturally look neat or organized in some way. Some are from permanent installations or exhibitions around the world which have some kind of organized aspect to them, so like I said, I feel like there is something for everyone on this blog and I couldn’t recommend it enough to people who are a bit or an organizing/neat freak like myself to someone just interesting in art from around the world!

These are just a few of the recent images that caught my eye but I do highly recommend it!

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