Thursday, 11 April 2013

They Draw and Cook.

When doing research for my project I came across an amazing book called ‘They Draw and Cook’ The book is a collection of 107 hand-illustrated recipes that are one of a kind, drawn by artists from around the world sharing their favourite dishes and bringing them to life. There is a wide range of drawing styles. The recipes are from drinks to desserts and everyday to extraordinary.

When looking at the book I noticed that they started out the idea with a blog, they said it was a place for anyone with a passion for art and cooking to show and share their love of both. Their website is also called ‘They Draw and Cook’ and has many more illustrated recipes to look at. They also hold a monthly competition for people to submit their own design.

Looking at this book was great for me at the start of my project because of the different styles I could see what I liked and what I didn’t so I could decide what to bring to my own work.

I like the way the artist has laid this one out in the different sized boxes, I think it makes it still easy to follow.

I enjoy the minimal colours used in this recipe, and the variation and thickness of the lines.

This one looks like watercolour and I think it gives in an organic feel, I also like the colour swatches at the side.

The darker background and the thin white line makes this one a little different and uses a natural palette.

I enjoy multiple aspects of this one, the 3 colour palette with the black like, the pattern used in between elements and the block colours to make the line stand out.

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