Tuesday, 9 April 2013


A friend recently told me about a website named ‘Spoonflower’ and I thought it was worth a mention because I think it’s a great site and also a good source of inspiration!

The Spoonflower marketplace lets you sell fabric and wallpaper with your original designs and you earn 10% of the sale price when another person purchases your design. When the customer receives the design and is happy with it you get credited with ‘spoondollars’ that can be used to buy other peoples design from the site or you can redeem them via PayPal!

Each week the site holds a themed competition where you can enter as many designs as you like sticking to the theme and/or colours given. The themes are most of the time very vague so you can use your own personal style and way of working really easily!Viewers of the site vote on the design and the top 10 designs each week get $100 (£65) that they can spend on the site.

I think the site has a good concept and can be a good bit of fun if your looking to challenge yourself with a deadline and are a bit stuck about what you want your next project to be about! The cons are that you cant really make tons of cash from it but I still think it’s a really good site and you can search any subject matter you like and could at least take away some inspiration from it!

Browsing the site is easy and I think can motivate you to get creating. A lot of the designs are very digital and flat looking but if you search hard enough you can find some really good stuff. Here are some designs I thought were exciting!

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