Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Selina Campbell - Portfolio Visit 3.

I had a good long chat with Selina Campbell, she was really helpful and had some great tips and advice. She said she could see my food-based work on home ware such as cushions or tea towels. Other work in my portfolio that includes insects, abstract and some kitchen based pattern she said would work on ceramics and also some of the food patterns too. She liked to offset quality that I use in most of my work, which was nice to hear because it is a look that I enjoy making. She liked my business cards, especially the pan design one in grey, I should have left one with her but I was too engrossed in conversation! She said it is good to think about if you want to work for a company or be self-employed. She suggested some of her fellow classmates who have become successful in a surface design that I am looking forward to googling. She said that I should make the most of having the facilities that are in the college and knowledge of tutors is very useful and to make sure you ask them everything you want before you leave to gain as much as you can. She said it is good to just ask designers if you want to know about something they do with there work or to see if they have any work experience or even if you just wanted to sit with them for a day or two to watch and take in any skills that you could from them because most of the time they are always willing because they have probably been in the same situation as you in the past. It was really nice talking to someone that had come straight from a degree to being self-employed and to see how things were going.

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