Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lord Whitney Brief.

In January I was set a mini brief from the lovely ladies that are Lord Whitney! It involved choosing one of Edward Lears 'Nonsense' short poems. The brief was flexable and I could produce whatever i wanted to naturally I decided to make a pattern. The poem I choose goes as follows...

'There was an old man of Blackheath,
Whose head was adorned with a wreath,
Of lobsters and spice,
Pickled onions and mice,
That uncommon old man of Blackheath.'

Not wanting to spend too much time on this brief I got too it right away and drew the elements I wanted to include in the pattern.

After that I scanned them in and used them as a rough guide for creating the elements on illustrator.
As the poem mentions a wreath, I decided that i wanted my pattern to be wreath shaped! circular.

After making the design, to give it a bit more life, I added it to a screen and made a background for it too.

some backgrounds.

I produced these prints and then sent them off the Lord Whitney too see what they thought!

'We loved your image. It is great to see you playing around with print, it adds so much depth to the images and creates qualities it's hard to replicate on the computer. We think it works great to illustrate the rhyme, you don't need to use every detail to illustrate, when the image is presented with the text it does the job great! A really nice piece of work, keep it up we look forward to seeing your portfolio at the end of the year.'

I enjoyed doing the brief because I didn't have time to think too much and that can sometimes be a good thing! Im happy with the outcome I made and will always carry on approaching my work like i did with this one!

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