Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Harriet Gooden - Portfolio Visit 1.

I had a lovely chat with Harriet Gooden who is the owner of Sausage Dog. I presented my portfolio to her and she was really positive and helpful! She said she liked the hand done type on my visual recipe books and the multi item patterns in the front and back of them. She liked the simpleness and cleanness of the books. Straight away she said my pattern designs would work on fabric, which is something I have always been looking to do with my digital prints. She said they could work for a whole range of textile things such as bigger things like clothes or small things like purses. She was enthusiastic about it and said if I did order some fabric to come and show her which was really nice, but I would love to chat with her again! My business cards reminded her of the quirky Japanese style. One of my cards is a shrimp/prawn pattern and suggested using fabric to make an actual shrimp because I mentioned I want to become more of a maker. I said that I have wanted to start making more because I think its something I enjoy a lot more and would become more passionate about, she suggested to just go for it and not to worry about the outcome because it may take a while to find what you really love to do, but if you love it enough you will find it. Overall she said that my work, as a whole in my portfolio, gels together really nicely. I enjoyed chatting with Harriet and look forward to visiting her again! 

I bought one of her cards with this amazing painting on.

cutest whale - Lilly's Whale.

speak for themselves - poo pins!

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