Sunday, 9 December 2012

Website Research.

I have been asked to do a ‘Website Research Post’ as part of my degree as I have to design and make my own website by the end of the year. I am used to using various websites that I have personalised to make my own such as blogger and tumblr, which is fairly easy to do. But obviously having your own website you have to basically start from scratch. Personally I think I can tell what is a good website from a bad one, regarding the design. Looking at different websites I can make note of things I do and don’t like and come to a conclusion on how I want my own website to look in the future.

I recently came across the website of Anthony Zinono, who is a collage illustrator. The homepage is a collation of different segments of all of his works, when you click each one it takes you to a full view of the pieces. This is the only page of the site and when you click each part it comes with an on site pop-up, which is defiantly, an element I admire. Other than that there are 3 links at the top left hand side of the page. The first one being ‘About/Contact’ that includes
- A very short paragraph of who/what he is.
- Contact email addresses.
- Links to all of his social networking sites; twitter, tumblr and flikr.
- A list of his commissions.
- And a list of his exhibitions too.
All these features I think, would defiantly be including on my own site, as they are all the useful things potential viewers would need to know.
The second and third links are ‘Blog’ and ‘Shop’ which would depend on if they would be useful for me at the time of making the site.
Overall I am a fan of the layout of this site and wouldn’t consider using a similar approach when starting my own, thinks I would do differently is to have a bit more order in the way the images a laid out because I find it hard to remember, mainly because they are just images with no text, which links I have already clicked if they are not going from top to bottom or side to side.

Another site I adore is Julia Rothman, who a pattern designer and illustrator, which out of all the design titles are the two I think, are the most appropriate for me. Her website is a lot more complex, with a lot more link but is still really easy to navigate.
Her homepage images change every few seconds to different pieces of her work, which is great because you can see it in a bigger size. They also have a short bit of writing with each one explaining briefly what they are.
She has a side bar, which separates her work into subtitles that is why I think it’s so easy to navigate.

At the moment I don’t have my own website or domain but I am going to make sure that when I make it I think about what works with these sites and many more to make it as personal to me as I can and so my work can be looked at and appreciated easily just like a designers website should!

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