Thursday, 20 December 2012

Portfolio Advice No.1

As part of the course we are asked to take our portfolios to people who have worked for the industry to get feedback on the work and also the look, style and layout of the actual portfolio. Having only just started putting my portfolio together, getting feedback on it so late in the year, not really having work I am fully confident in and not knowing how to use software to make a online/pdf version, I decided the only thing I could do is to ask people who do the same or similar practice to myself and ask them how they would/have approached it themselves.

I sent a message out to Freya Lines, who did surface design at London College of communication and has worked on commissions since graduating, to ask a few questions on portfolios and PDF portfolios.

She kindly replied and said a number of useful things.

Personally for me simplicity is the key, keeping the portfolio, physical or online, clean and plain, so the focus is on the work. Showing a range of your work/styles/abilities very clearly and with the best quality photographs/print outs you can achieve and to be able to tell a story along the way. 
I'm sure there are specific ways one if 'meant' to have an email portfolio, but to be honest, I don't know it.’

I agree with everything she says. Keeping it simple, clean and plain. Having a range of work and making sure it is of the best quality it can be. When asking what a client would want to see…

‘…many clients are different, some who want a clear quick online portfolio and some who want a tactile journey.’

This makes sense and I think just making sure your happy with what you are going to show people is the most important.

‘Another very important thing I would say is keeping on top of the updating of your portfolio - so you are always ready to send it or a press release via and email or go for a meeting.’

I will take on board all of what was said and make sure I am proud of what I send out.

Links to Freya Lines Website and Facebook page.

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