Thursday, 20 December 2012

Portfolio Advice No.2+3.

I asked two other designers, Ian O’Phelan and Ulrika Bygge for some advice.

Ian O’Phelan gave me some really interesting links to some different sites, which would give me even more advice.

Tips he gave me himself included to a
lways show your best work, meaning don't pad. Stuff that's not my best should go on a blog, and then to use the better stuff to show your process and evolution. He said that people like to see work in use, so I might consider a few self produced projects like making a pillow or tea towel or clothing piece. He suggested I could print the fabric with your info as well as a pattern and send the towel as a promotional device. He also said I need to be sure to target specific people who have the ability to hire you or advise you within the company you're sending the mailer to.

This is a really clever thing to do and I will take it on board and get thinking of doing something very similar when going on my visits in the next semester.

Ulrika Bygge also gave me some really great advice, she says…

‘Personally I only have 2 rules:
- Do what feels right
- Follow your intuition’

‘Also, I believe that if you're passionate about your work then people will appreciate your presentation regardless of whether they like your work or not.

A complete online portfolio is essential as it can be referred to in meetings and is easy as well as cost effective to keep up to date as work evolves / changes.
Printed samples are also good to take along to meetings to give the client a sense of texture / material selection. They're a good icebreaker as something to pass around the table and gets people chatting / interacting with your work.

In-situ photomontages are a good way of presenting patterns / designs and gives the client a sense of scale as well as suggested applications.

If emailing designs to a potential client a lo-res PDF is probably the best option and make sure to include your copyright.’

All the points that she makes are so important and I am going to make sure I do really listen to them and make sure I make them happen as I don’t think I can go wrong if I take all this extremely suitable advice and apply it to my portfolio and online PDF.

I really appreciate the advice that they took time to reply to me with as I am a fan of both of their work and am really inspired by a lot of there pieces.

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