Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hopes, Fears + Opportunities.

In September we were asked to write about our current and on going ‘Hopes, Fears and Opportunities’ The hopes of what we wanted to achieve, the fears in how to achieve it and the opportunities which would help us get to where we want to end up.

My first hope it to be proud and to be happy with what I am and what I am going to produce this year, putting the hours in so that I can say, ‘yes, that’s my work.’ I hope to be more confident in the ability to talk about and present my work to others, so I am able to feel a strong sense of achievement. I hope to keep myself motivated and interested in the subjects I choose or get given for all the briefs. I hope to be able to develop more and more thought-out the year, by self-reflecting ad often ad possible. I hope by the end of the degree that I can approach any given task knowing how to get through it by myself, to produce work that will be accepted. I hope my final major project will really show what I am passionate about and what great work I can make when I am truly interested in what I’m doing. I hope to have a portfolio that is consistent so a client would know if am able to produce what they are looking for in a job. I hope to know what my favourite method of working is, as at the moment I am not 100% sure. Depending on which route I choose regarding my method of working I hope to have all the skills required in it so I can make the most of it and make my work look as professional as I can. Lastly I hope to make sure that I make the most of the facilities that the college offers such as the print room.


Failure. Feeling overwhelmed with the workload. Having multiple things to do and not being able to choose which one to do first or which is more important. Not having enough time or having bad time management. To not be happy with the way things turn out in the end. I have always lost confidence in my own work when I start to compare it to others. Not just what their work looks like but the ways that they approach it and make it look effortless. I wouldn’t fear getting a bad grade if I know I didn’t put the time and effort needed in, but if I know I put my all in and it didn’t show the in the final mark.


Showing work, that I am proud of, to people in the industry. Chances to collaborate with piers or others on live briefs, I think this would help me a lot because if there in another person involved with a project you will always make sure you put your all in because you wouldn’t want to let the other person down and its always nice to have someone to push you. Being able to have a space to put up my work or to have a stall to sell work. To be able to work along side people who are interested in the same things I am. I would like to have the opportunity to show clients how I would apply my work to different media that I am interested in.

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