Friday, 23 November 2012

The Invisible Dog Art Center + Andre Da Loba.

On the New York trip we took the subway from where we were staying in Manhattan to Brooklyn to visit Andre Da Loba, whose studio is in The Invisible Dog Art Center. He greeted us and we looked around the ground floor, which had an exhibition on created by Steven and William Ladd called ‘Shabyogen’. After looking around at all the work but not really knowing where it all came from, a lovely man started to tell us about some history of the building. He went on to say that it used to be a factory that produced accessories such as belts and jewelry. Which then made sense looking again at all the work the Ladd brother’s had made, and realizing it was from all of the parts that were left when the factory was abandoned. He said that they also used to make the invisible dog leashes there, which is where the name of the center comes from!

After that we entered a huge lift that took us up a floor where there were several artist studios including Andre’s. It was full to the brim of his work and other inspiring images. We also wonder around the other rooms on the floor and there was just so much to look at I could have stayed there for days! We were lead up to the top floor where we were briefly introduced to Oliver Jeffers, which was an added bonus! There was other various pieces of installation work on that floor too. Andre asked us all to sit down around him and he gave us a little show from his briefcase of some of the 2D and 3D ideas that he had made and been successful (and not so successful) with over his career. He also gave us some useful advice and told us to do whatever we feel like doing and don’t do anything anybody tells you to do if its not your style.

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