Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Stephen Byram + Lotta Jansdotter.

Stephen Byram's House.

On our trip to New York we went to visit Stephen Byram in his home in New Jersey. He does all kinds of work, which he had all around his house. A lot of which where many different CD covers. Many of them were collage/abstract/line drawing. He was really up beat and was glad to talk about everything around his house. I remember him saying that at the moment he had been really into making sculptures with large and small bits of found objects, mainly wood. He had them scattered in every room we visited. My eyes could not stop, as there was just so much to look at! As most of the works that he had kindly laid out for us were CD designs, He started to talk about how, because of the obvious things such as the Internet and online downloading, that his work had to move on, which he was fine with because he enjoyed moving the media he worked with.

Lotta Jansdotter's Shop + Studio.

Some of us also made a trip to see Lotta Jansdotter’s Shop and Studio in Brooklyn. Unfortunately she was not at the studio as she was somewhere on the other side of the world at a business meeting of some sort, But her lovely manager was there to talk to us with any questions we had. She told us that Lotta does screen printing workshops now and again because a lot of her work is mass produced so she doesn’t get the chance as often to do actual hand screen printing which she enjoys. She also shown us around the shop and told us which things belonged to which collection, what was new and what was older. Her studio, which was an open space just next to the shop, was full of inspiration; Lots of books, drawings, samples, ornaments and plenty of different art supplies.

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