Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Guru Meeting.

On a Monday evening after University we met up with some of the old illustration and surface design graduates to see what they had been doing since leaving. There were quite a few and I got to speak to 4 of them, who were all great! One being Dominique Byron. Her work is really impressive. One of her projects she used the themes the sea and space. These are obviously very opposite things but in the work she does she brings them together so nicely. She was really helpful and was very good when explaining her impressive portfolio. Another guru I spoke to was Philippa Lightburn who’s work I took an instant shine too. As well as illustrations, She made different patterns and applied them to a few different products including mugs, glasses, pillowcases and stationary. I had a look at her portfolio to ask about tips on making my own. She spoke a lot about how if you have something you want to do there is no stopping you and you just need to try it. Although she did the illustration course I could obviously relate to her as she made some of them into patterns which is the think I enjoy the most. She gave me useful advice on business cards and websites I can use for them and also sites that help you with applying your designs to actual products. As Philippa has been assigned as my ‘guru’ I am planning on, at the next guru meeting or via email, showing her some of my work to get some critical feedback to see if she could give me any guidance on what to do if I get stuck.
The meeting was a good opportunity to hear about all the experiences the graduates had had.

My favourite of both of their works below:

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