Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bookbinding Workshops.

Over three Mondays in September we were taught 3 very different types of bookbinding. Lucy Wilson came in to give us workshops and also to give some feedback on our current work. The first method was the ‘Perfect bind’; this type of bind is one of the most common and what I think is the sturdiest kind. It is a bind that you can either leave exposed or you can hide. I think in my future work, if I decide to make some books, or even just to make my own sketchbooks, I would prefer to use this one.

The second that we learn was the quick and simple but effective Japanese bind. This one takes up a lot less time, patience and a lot less thread. I feel it is good for binding scraps of paper together that you have already used but don’t want to throw away, it is useful because when making this type of book you don’t have to really worry about which way you are going to put an image onto paper because they can just go one after the other.

The third and the hardest one for me was the ‘Crochet’ bind. It looks best when it is exposed. When it is finished it looks like little rows of small plaits tying the pages together. I think this bind doesn’t really suit my style of work but would be great for others, as it does look really impressive.

The choice of bind you pick should relate to the content the work you want to put inside. You should think about the material choice i.e.; what kind of thread, what you might use to cover the book, or if your not going to cover it what to use for the front and back.

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