Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New Project.

Collecting.present participle of col·lect (Verb)
  1. Bring or gather together (things, typically when scattered or widespread).
  2. Accumulate and store over a period of time.

I have been looking into why people collect, what makes them decide to start a collection and also when  it starts to get out of hand. When does collecting become hoarding? As I want to link this brief with an issue that I want to bring up in my journal.

'Many hoarders consider themselves artists, and art supplies comprise a large part of many hoards. "People who hoard often come up with idea after idea, saving things for all kinds of creative reasons but never following through with those plans. They have become victims of their own creativity."

'For the person whose collecting has become hoarding, possessions become unorganized piles of clutter that are so large that they prevent rooms from being used for normal activities. When collecting becomes hoarding, motivation to display items is lost, and people become fearful of others seeing, touching or even commenting on their belongings. Yet the drive to add more to the collection still leads them to acquire things that only end up in the pile, and once in the pile, objects are seldom looked at again.'

John Dilnot.

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