Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Three Pieces of Advice.

1. Not to worry or get stressed - I found it helpful when 2 previous students came in to talk about what they had been doing for the past months after finishing their degrees. They said it is normal to be confused about what to do straight after you finish. They said to look into different things and do a lot of research if you have an idea what you would like to do but don’t worry to much because in the third year your personal style will most likely become more clear. 

2. To do what you enjoy. - When having a talk from Jennifer Collier, I remember her saying that its best to do what you like so you can keep yourself motivated if you are self employed, because there wont be deadlines or people to push you to do things. Therefore doing something you enjoy will of course help you with whatever you choose to do after your degree. 

3. Keep a notebook at all times! – I’ve learnt to never leave the house without a notepad and pen. A lot of my best ideas and development have come to me when I’ve been around and about, and if I don’t write or draw them down I will always forget. To write lists, remember a name or draw a picture.

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