Thursday, 3 May 2012

Contact with Industry #2

I found Jenny Bowers work a while ago and still really admire her work even though it is not completely my style. I asked her for her first impressions and ways to improve on 3 pictures that I sent her via e-mail:

'They look great Natalie - I like the bolder ones the best as they first come across as abstract patterns and you see the insects second. I would develop these more - maybe using more than one insect on a print to make pattern.'

I also asked her what kind of products would she suggest that my designs would work on:

'One idea for a product you could make . If you printed them onto cloth, you could make a Japanese wrapping cloth called a furoshiki - seen them quite a bit at the moment and very eco. Like re-usable wrapping paper. Quite like the idea that you could wrap food/picnic in your insect patterned cloth - subversive!'

These are some of her pieces that I was drawn too.

I also have some of her other work in one of my other blog posts, here.

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