Sunday, 1 January 2012

Contact with Industry #1

I contacted Ian O'Phelan after really being inspired by his website and flickr account! He makes patterns with alot of themes that I'm really interested in. I asked him to look at my work and tell me what he thought:

'I'm really drawn to the patterns with the colored flats and line work on top. The marbling of the background shapes really brings out the jewel like character of the beetle carapaces. I like the use of glitter as well.'

Things that I could improve and ideas that I could use my designs for:

'I think it'd be interesting to use the solid cut outs as a layer mask in photoshop. It's also be cool to see them as burn outs in a poly cotton blend. Or you could use them to cut stencils to do some street art. I've been thinking myself of ways to do that in a non destructive fashion. One idea I had was something akin to christmas ornaments. You could hang the drawing in the environment with maybe a link on the back to a website. Or etch glass with them. The bees would make cute votive jars. Mosquitos would be a nice play off citronella candles. I feel like the larger line drawings need more, they feel incomplete to me. Maybe filling the empty areas with more patterning, found imagery, type, or acrylic transfers. It might be interesting to see if a embroidery company can follow the lines creating detailed thread line drawings of the insects. The blue quilted beetle you made would be cool worked into a suzani motif.'

And I asked what he does with all his beautiful patterns!:

'I don't really use the patterns for anything other than to blow off steam as I get most of my income from doing graphic design. I've used to make a few scarves for my mom and my aunt as gifts. But really that's about it.'

These are some of his works, I chose these ones because of the theme and that fact that I think they are all really interesting.


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