Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dialogue Ignites Change.

mood board + mark making.



skipping close up.


carrots close up.


patchwork close-up.

skipping rope.

knitting close up.

These pieces of work wore some of my final outcomes of my 'Dialogue Ignites Change' brief. The illustrations I used, originate from stories that we had the privilege of listening to from world war 2 evacuees. Each plate represents a different aspect of object of the stories.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Peepshow Collective.

These illustrations are from the Peepshow Collective website. The first one is by Luke Best, Im drawn to it because of the theme and because of the narrative. There is a lot going on. I think it uses a good range of different line and the colour palette is very neutral pastel shades which is really attractive.

Luke Best - The Curse of the Whale.

Above 3 Images - Jenny Bowers - The Kids Aren't Alright, Clutter and Staycation.

These 3 pieces are all very different but you can tell they are all done by the same person because of the style. This is something that I would want to finally achieve with my own work. I think a weakness of mine is text. I would like to find a font that I could use regularly in my work or make my own.

David Ellis & Elu - Collaborative Animation.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hanna Werning on Inspiration - ' could be something i find on the internet, someone passing by with funny socks...'

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hanna Werning #2

'A range of 12 everyday greetings cards by Hanna Werning. A cheerful uplifting collection, with colours inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us in the countryside. To buy these cards please visit Beaumonde Cards.'


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

William Morris.

I was watching '60 minute makeover' and i noticed they mentioned William Morris. They used one of his wallpapers in the bedroom they did up. I cant find the exact one is was but I like these ones. I've know about his for a while now and am always attracted to these types of busy wallpapers. I'd like to make my own but with a different theme other than florals.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Monday, 11 July 2011


I saw one of these yesterday, it was just at the side of the pavement and it made me smile. Need to start doing my summer sketchbook soon and i think i'm going to draw some of these little caterpillars and maybe come up with a nice drawing/pattern inspired by them.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Chloe Taylor.

Womenswear - 'Tropical'

Girlswear - 'Retro Roll'

Boyswear - 'Cars'

All by Chloe Taylor, All very different, All very lovely.

Im always attracted to repeat pattern and line drawing. I always like to find patterns that aren't just florals. I enjoy the first picture, which is a photographic collage, it is really interesting and very busy, I would like to see where the pattern in actually placed on the item of clothing.


Barbara Hulanicki - Skulls Flock Wallpaper.

This is a simple design but its made to look quite complex because of the size and placement of all the skulls. Flocking is a good way to add texture and depth to a wallpaper that is a single colour.

I Wish I'd Done This.

This piece is from the Brad Ford I.D website which was a company established in 1998. Brad Ford has more than 10 years experience in the interior design field. He holds a degree in Interior Design as well as a degree in Business and Economics. Ford honed his skills under such leading New York designers as Thad Hayes and the late Jed Johnson. Ford was asked to do as part of the Hamptons Cottages and Garden show-house. He wanted to bring in some of the outside elements and make them part of the inside design. It is actually made of thousands of real insects attached onto hand printed wallpaper. He collaborated with Jennifer Angus, an artist from Wisconsin who regularly uses nature in her patterned wallpaper designs.

I really wish I had done these wall coverings as I think they are so original, which is obviously really had to do because design has come so far. I notice all the different elements that are in the coverings. The hand printed background paper with the circular scenes with different types of insects.

One of which includes bees or wasps in a garden, The scene looks like it had people in it and they have been replaced by insects, I think this gives them all there own character. Another scene in the circle includes a cityscape with a few different flying insects in the foreground, which also implied the replacement of people. Another element of the printed design is the parts around the main circular scenes. They include other smaller rounded shapes, which mostly seem to be floral. Some parts have a leaf like pattern and other parts use the smaller flowers and petal drawings. The colours used in both of these is either a very dark grey or possibly black which stands out against the cream colour background.
Both these printed sections connect but both use a very different type of line, one looks more like and etched print and quite realistic, and the other very hand drawn. These two are the flat elements of the paper. But then there is the other main part, the part I find fascinating, which is the 3D insects. Around each circle scene are real insects which seem to be the same or similar to the insects in the scene. This is the section on the wallpaper that gives it all of its colour, some are pastel pink with light brown bodies and another set of the insects used is a creature that from afar looks like a leaf, which I think blends in very well and connects all the components together. This is a main reason I wished I could have had the opportunity to do this, as I am intrigued with real life insects. It is always good to think that there will never be anything else the same as this wallpaper because of each of the singular insects. Every one of them will be different in some way or another.
I would like to say I’d done this piece because, to me, the theme, and the fact that it is more of a ‘one off’ piece rather than a mass-produced design is very appealing. It would be flattering to be asked to do something as unique as that. I also like that this wall covering wasn’t done overnight, I think it would have taken a lot of time to sick all the individual insects on, and to get the composition right must have taken a long time to perfect. Each bug would have had to been a certain size for it to work.

Hanna Werning.

Few from Hanna Werning's 2011 wallpaper collection.

'A collection of 6 wallpaper patterns in several colourversions. Printed with surface printing.'

Beautiful wallpaper prints! Hanna Werning doesn't just do wallpaper she puts her own patterns on pretty much everything you can put patterns on! I've looked at her work before now and have never been disappointed! Will be posting more soon!

Her website is amazing too. -

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Big. Bright. Bold.

Marimekko - Unikko-kangas

Using orange, yellow and large sections of block colour. Beaut.